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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 21, 2015 11:37pm-12:37am CDT

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tonight -- josh brolin, presidential candidate martin'malley, author judd winick, fefeuring the 8g band with abe laboriel, jr. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seththeyers! [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening, everybody. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] everybody well? all right. in that se let's get to the news. tomorrow nigig's second gop debate will take place at the reagan presidential library. so on behalf of libraries everywhere let me just say, "shh." [ laughter ] [ applause ] new national poll numbers show dr. ben cars has pulled within foururoints of front-runner donald trump. and i'm sure it's not the first time trump has been closely
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[ laughter and applause ] a new report has found that bernie sanders has not been able to secururcampaign endorsements from any senators, representatives, or governors. when reached for comment most politicians just mouthed -- [ laughter ] ha, ha. okay. thank you for stopping by,a, ha, ha, ha. [ laughter ] today marks the first day of national hispanic heritage month or as donald trump calls it, september. [ laughter ] according to espn, new york giants player jason pierre-paul may be missing more fingers than initially suspected from his july 4th fireworks accident. the team became suspicious after
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[ laughter and applause ] today is national double cheeseburger day. to celebrate americans will just remove one of the patties from our usual triple cheeseburgers. save you for later. [ light laughter ] w research has found that eating olive oil could help lower the risk of breast cancer. huh, i guess that's why popeye never got breast cancer. [ audience groans ] [ laughter a applause ] that groan youuys made is the same noise olive oyl makes, just so you k kw. [ laughter ] [ popeye laugh ] [ laughter ] if you groan anything groan about the fact that it's 2015 we're making a popeye joke.
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taco bell has opened a new line of more up scale restaurants they are calling cantinas which will feature open kitchens. it's pretty cool. you can see both microwaves. [ [ ughter ] quite an operation. researchers have gathed some of the most embarrassing passwords leaked d ding the ashley madison data breach and found some people used phrases like, "i should not be doing this," "i think i love my wife," and "this is wrong." [ laughter ] and their wives responded with phrases like, "but you did anyway," "this doesn't change e anything" and, "still get out." [ light laughter ] and finally kellogg's announced today that it will be spending $450 millionn an effort to expand its foooodistribution to africa. though sadly it was reported today that tony the tiger was gunned down by a minnesota dentist. [ audience groans ] [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, thiss
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: diary, they loved the olive oyl joke. [ laughter ] on the drums tonight abe laboriel, jr. give it up for abe, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey. >> seth: if you're one of the lucky ones you can catch abe with the great paul mccartney on the "out there" tour coming back to north america in october. it's been great having you here, abe. thank you so much for beinhere tonit. [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks seth. nice to be here. >> seth: we have a great show for you tonight. he is one of my favorite actors working today. he is in two movies that are coming out, "sicario" and "everest." josh brolin joins us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] the wondndful josh brolin. he is a democratic presidential candidate, martin o'malley will be stopping by the show. [ cheers and applause ] to talk about the upcoming campaign. and author judd winick will be here to talk about his new book, "h"ho."
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i can't wait for that. [ cheers and applause ] it's a great book.e he is a very od friend of ours he at the uhow. so the second gop debate, as we mentioned, airs tomorrow night on cnn. to get everyone caught up on what's changed since the last time out it's time for "debate prep." [ cheers and alause ] >> seth: perhaps the biggest surprpse in recent polls has been theheise of ben carson, a neurosurgeon and former director of pediatric neurosurgery at johns hopkins medical school. carson is currently sitting second in the polls, a development to which donald trump h h not taken kindly. here's trump at a rally in dallas on tuesday. >> here's the headline. "carson surging." i id what about me? where's my name? [ laughter ] m at 40. where's my name?e? >> seth: i'm sorry. are you concerned that you're not getting enough media attention? [ laughter and applause ] you are -- your nana is on ildings.
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everyone is covering you all the time. you're on the front page of every newspaper. you are even on the cover ofhe latest issue of "cat fancy." laughter ] he was a cat the whole time. he's been a cat the whole time. an expose. "cat fancy" expose. [ light laughter ] in a recent interview carson made t t mistake of questionong the auththticity of trump's religious faith. a slight that, surprise, trump did not take well. >> i don't know ben carson. he was a doctor. perhaps a, you know, an okay doctor. >> seth: an okay doctor? say what you will about ben carson but he was the first surgeon in history to separate conjoined twins. you want more proof? there was a made for,tv movie about his life starring oscaca winner c ca gooding, jr. as carsrs. a film remembered for it's now famous line, "show me the conjoined twins." [ laughter ] now, whi carson has been surging lately other candidates who were expected d do well early on h he been falling
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new jersey governor chris christie for example has been dogged by scandals including bridgegate, as well as federal investigation into christie appointee david samson that resulted last week in ththresignation of the ceo of united airlines jeff smisek. christie was asked about those scandals on "meet the press" this weekend. >> youave absolutely no idea, you have no idea as sou sit here today that he did anything wrong. nor does anybobo else. and so let's stop just reading the newspapers, okay? >> fair enough. >> seth: that's right. do christie a favor and stop reading the newspapers. [ laughter ] and if you are going to read them, do him a favor and have the decency to flip 'em upside down because then if you look at the polls, oh, look who's closing in on bobby jindal. [ laughter ] look out bobby jindal. that is the hot breath of ris christie. [ light laughterer this latest christst scandal deserves some background because it is incredible. the two main players are samson, the former chairman of the
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smisek, the united airlines ceo. you may know smisek from his wooden preflight welcome video. a ritual we sit through because airlines are the last companies on earth that think we as customerwant to hear a message from the ceo. although now that i think of it -- hello. i'm seth meyers. [ light laughter ] and thank you for watching us tonight. here at "late night" we make it our priority to provide you with great jokes, fun interviews,s,nd a promome to get you to bed d safely. understanding that there is a good chance you already dozed off after jimmy fallon, in which& case i'll keep my voice down. wink. oh, do it, don't say it? [ laughter ] ] now that was a stupid idea. that was a stupid -- we'll never do that again. [ cheers and applause ] we'll never do that again. all ght. anyway, allegedly in order to get a better deal on their lease at newark airport united provided a nonstop flight tween newark and columbia, sosth carolina, 50 miles from samson's weekend home.
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and now there's a federal corruption investigation in whether ththflight was provided as a quid prprquo. the best news is this -- we add gate to the end of scandals. this scandal involves an airline flight. we board airline fghts at where? gates. so there, we officially have it -- gategate. [ cheers and applause ] another republican candidate who onceed the polls for seveval months but is now fading is governor scott walker. he was long considered the front-runner in the iowa caucuses. but has now dropped to just three percentage points in recent polls. iticsa issues. but ififou ask me scott walker is nothing but forthcoming. >> do you think that being gay is a choice? >> oh, i mean, i think that's -- that's not even an issue for me to be involved in. >> you're actually not for ending birthright citizenship? >> i'm not taking a position on it one way or the other. >> do you -- are you comfortable with the idea evolution? do you believe in it?
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do you accept it? >> for me, i'm gonna punt on that one as well. [ laughter ] ] >> what would you do to address the migrants who are currently fleeing into europe? >> everybody wants to talk about hypotheticals. there is no such thing as a hypothetical. [ laughter ] >> seth: there's no such thing as a hypothetical? okay. bubulet's just for the s se of an argument sasathere is. [ laughter ] here's one. if scott walker doesn't start taking positions soon he's gonna jump ahead of chris christie in the upside-down poll. [ lauguger and applause ] and then of course there's jeb bush. jeb bush who's been facing consistent pressure to be more forceful and show more of his personality on the campaign trail. well, extreme mes call for extreme measures. >> because america's leadership in the world matters. when we're strong, we're secure. let me show you something. [ audience ohs ] the rty that i believe in -- >> seth: is he unbuttoning his shirt at a campaign event? [ laughter ] oh, no. oh, no. i see what's about to happen here. jeb was supposed to be the
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he never saw donald trump coming and now something inside of jeb has snapped. he is sitting in his office ststing at a picture of his brother the way michael keaton stared at the old movie poster in "birdman." [ laughter ] and now, just like "birdman" he's gonna strip to his tighty-whities and wander around time square wondering where it all wevt wrong. [ laughter ] leles see how this thingngnded. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's the party i believe in. reagan and bush.h. >> seth: that's right. he showed them an old campaign t-shirt. [ laughter ] jeb, we need to get people excited. any ideas? what about an exclamation point after jeb? tried that. that didn't work.. i got it. in that case i'll grab my vintage t-shirt. [ laughter ] also, i'll make sure the mic's here and then i'll take off the shirt and the mic will fall off. it'le make for a great big moment. [ laughter ] reagan and bush.
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make america great again. but i don't blame jeb. times arartough for a one-timeme front-ruruer. times are tough for anyone who doesn't have a monogrammed helicopter which should make tomorrow night great. a bunch of desperate candidates trying to out-trump trump. they'lf be trying everything out there. we might even get the full nudity thahajeb only teased us with. [ lauguger ] it's time he earns that exclamation point. jeb! [ laughter ] this has been "debate prep." [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with more "late night." this i imy body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our first guesis an academy award nominated d tor you can see in the highly y ticipated film, "everest" which opens in imax 3d this friday and nationwide on september 25th. he also stars in the critically acclaimed "sicario" which will be in theaters this friday. let's take a look. >> guillerer told us about a
11:54 pm
near sosalal. now we're trying to find out what areas near there migrants avoid so we can find the tunnel. that better? >> and guillermo. >> and guillermo, he just told you where the drugs tunnel is. he just told you. >> guillermo didn't have any other options. weend him back across the border, he's a dead man. now, he gets tspend the next 30 years in an american prison in relatively y fety. >> just tell us the truth, man. >> w ware going to make enough noise that manuel diaz is called back to mexico see his boss. that's the truth. >> seth: please welcome josh brolin.
11:55 pm
>> how are you, my friend? [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. what a warm, warm reception. >> seth: it's a warm2welcome for you tonight. i'm so exced to get you now. yoyore out promoting two movies at the same time basically. >> i am. i am. >> seth: i have seen the "everest" trailers and i've seen "sicario" trailers. they seem like very different climates. [ laughter ] they couldn't be farther apart. which did you shoot first? >> i shot "everest" first. >> seth: and then did you say i want to go to a very low sea level desert? [ light laughter ] >> mexico. what's better? i wantnto do drugs in the desert. [ laughter ] i have a perfect movie for you. i want to hang out with benicio del toro. i don't want to hang out with jake gyllenhaal anymore. i want to hang out with people my age. [ lauger ] >> seth: there you go. when you're out with jake gyllenhaal, he's trudging up a mountain, it must be awful. >> if you're behind him, it's awful. >> seth: yeah.
11:56 pm
>> seth: i don't either. >> like, we can really sit with that for a moment. but i don't want to. like, i could get into -- anyway. let's move on. in front of you. jake gyllenhaal. [ talking overerach other ] >> seth: you can emily blunt this all you want. we all remember the jake thing. >> the audience wanted to see his butt, they don't want to see my butt. cause my butt is like looking at everest. [ laughter ] >> seth: right. so, you shot this in nepal. >> thank you for moving on. [ laughter ] >> seth: i have questions during the commercial break. >> no, no, no. you can cut that out. nepal and then we went to the dolemites in italy and thehewe went to rome which was allll wonderful. and we all had a really communal wonderful experience in the middle of nowhere. it was cold, it was freezing. d then we ended up in london which was re like the cgi stuff you had instead of snow salt being shoveled into 100 miles an hour fans and massive great exfoliations happening every day. [ laughter ] >> seth: so, ij a way was it more trying than actually being
11:57 pm
on a mountain? >> no, no, no. y more trying. >> seth: really? yeah, when you have a director from iceland and he comes over to your place and he's like, look we're really gonna do this. this is not gonna be a hollywood thing. we're gonna get up there. we're gonna be at 12,000 feet. we're gonna be in the snow. it's gonna be 2020egrees which it was. below zero. but you're into it. you already expect that. you get ready for it. and you're preparing and doing all the stuff though everybody else is smoking cigarettes and drinking wine. have prepared for it- [ laughter ] and then you get up there and your like, this is the real thing. we're into it. respectfully, we are simulating a storabout real people. and then, you geaway from it. and your i ithe same sub zero suit. it's 80 degrees in london. >> seth: yeah. >> you know what i mean? >> seth: that's not fun. >> it's way worse. never again, man. [ laughter ] never again. >> seth: i like it. i'i' climb a mountain bubui'm not t ing, i'm not faking g y of it.. >> no, no, no. drugs and mexico for me. all the way. yeah. [ laughter ]
11:58 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: you're like, i want to go to burning man. he's like, if you gogo little bit farther south. >> that's basically what it was. >> seth: i can get you a paycheck. >> i've never been to burning man. but now i have so to speak. in your early days, your first film was "goonies." >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i didn't say -- why are you thanking me? >> you think i said thank you for a reason. i said thank you for pointing it out. which nobody can get through an interview without pointing it out. , again, thank you. >> seth:t's funny, i remember when you hosted snl. not even because of you one of the writers had a goonies poster on his door. >> oh, that's right, i remember. >> seth: oh. he's going to think we did it because of him. and it's like, no we just love "goonies." >> i c cld do ten academy awawd winning films in a row and still it would be like, oh, my god, you're the dude from the goonies. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. well, if you win an academy award you betteray something about goonies in your speech. >> i did. i have already won three and you don't know because you have been busy watching the goonies. [ cheers and applause ]
11:59 pm
that's moscar night traditio is watching goonies. i read that in your early days as an actor would lie on your resume, your acting resume? >> but, it's true. i needed an agent. you need an agent. it's a catch 22. you need an agent in order to audition but you can't audition without an agent. i finally started g gng to agencies and saying, thehesaid, "what have you done?" and i said, "streetcar named desire." [ laughter ] who did you play? and you know, you didn't have a phone then. but, i started doing cheat sheets. i would be like, stanley kowalski. [ laughter ] where did you do it? i did it on the 11th floor. of where? baltimore. [ laughter ] >> seth: it t rked. >> it did. it actually worked. >> seth: and you got a really by the way, not only was it a stup agent and she knows who she is -- [ laughter ] >> seth: she's smart enough for that. >> it is a female. male, it is what it is. she's a human being, but a stupid one.
12:00 am
[ laughter ] she had to give me money in order to get out of the parking lot because i was in beverly hills and it's $10 every 15 minutes. >> seth:h:his is the first time you met her? >> yeah. she goes, i have a feeling about you, which was not smart. but i have a feeling about you and i said, great, i have a feeling about you, too. n i borrow $20? [ laughter ] >> seth: otherwise you wouldn't have got out of the parking lot? >> otherwise i would have had to walk home. >> seth: but look how well you turned out. won three oscars. >> i paid her back. >> seth: thanks fof being here. you'll stick arod now? >> i will. >> seth: alright, great, josh brolin, everybody. "everest" and "sicario" both open in theaters friday. we'll be right back with more "late night."
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to the show. i'm here with josh brolin. josh, did you hear about how mcdonald's plans to start serving breakfast all day? >> no. but did you hear that starbucks is going to start selling beer? >> seth: that's crazy. >> it's madness. >> seth: ianity.
12:05 am
this really -- well, they get you thinking. >> mm-hmm. [ laughter ] >> seth: we're getting older and, well, sometimes i look around man and i don even recognize the world i'm living in anymore. >> mm-hmm. >> seth: things are changing every day. not always for the better. and it's time to take a moment and talk about how things were -- well, just a bit more simple. >> mm-hmm. >> seth: back in my day. cheers and applause e [ southern accent ] so now starbucks is selling alcohol. well, call me old-fashioned but back in my day, starbucks sold coffee. if y'all still wanted alcohol you had to go to the liquor store next door. sure you had to make two stops but it was a small price to pay to get wired andndrunk in the same morning. [ applause ] >> [ southern accent ] back in my day mcdonald's didn't serve breakfast all day long. poppycock.
12:06 am
if you were eaeang an egg mcmumuin at 4:00 in the afternoon it was because you found it in your car. [ applause ] >> seth: oh, been there. between the seats. back in my day donald trump wasn't an outrageoususlow hard presidential candidate. he was an outrageous blowhard reality show host. and some day, knock on wood, he will be again. >> mm-hmm. [ cheers and applause ] back in my day the internet didn't have incognito mode. you didn't want the misses to find out you were looking at porn on the computer, you had to keepept in a folder on the desk top called "that tax stuff." >> seth: oh, tax stuff. >> i blew that joke. >> seth: that's all right. [ laughter ] >> probably alzheimer's. >> seth: back k my day you used to nail those e kes. >> i sure did. [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: back in my day we dn't sit around and rry
12:07 am
about china destroying the global economy. this is america. we got out there and we destroyed it ourselves. [ laughter ] didn't need anybody's help. >> back in my day my costar becio del toro wasn't arring in a movie called, "sicario" about the drug wararn the u.s.-mexicananorder. he was starring in a movie called "traffic" about the drug war on the u.s. mexican border. before that he played duke the dog-faced boy in "big top pee-wee." [ laughter ] that one's just a fun fact. >> seth: i like a fun fact. never could say no to a fun fact. backckn my day we didn't have weirirbarefoot toe shoes that creep people out. we had crocs and they creeped out people just fine. [ laughter ] simpler times. simpler times. >> back in my day we didn't take emotional support dogs on airplanes. we took emotional support pills.
12:08 am
[ laughter ] >> if you took enough emotional lls you thought thererwas a dog next to you but just a man in the window seat saying, "please stop petting me." >> seth: oh, yeah. i have been on both sides of that. the pepeer and the petee. speaking of dogs, back in my day, we didn't rescue animals. animals rescued us. when you got home from work and were are about to sit down for a little alone time incognito mode and then -- [ dog barks s "oh, hi, honey. look who's home early, honey. just looking over some tax stuff. good looking out, rusty." [ applause ] >> back in my day apple wasn't selling new products like the apple pencil. you wanted to draw on an ipad all you needed was a sharpie and a devil may care attitude. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, that's right. [ laughter ] >> when your ipad was ruined by that sharpie, you brought it to
12:09 am
>> seth: right. >> who's the genius vow, apple? >> seth: that's right, apple. who's the genius now? well, shucuc. look at us going on and on. i guess, sometimes, a grizzly old geezer has got to get his gripe on. can i top f your coffee? >> please, sir. >> seth: oh, there you go. this has been "back k my day." we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] it's intelligent enoh to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the r rn... the cold... and dragged through the mud.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to the show everybody. our next guest serves as the mayor of baltimore a the governor of maryland. he's current seeking the democratic nomination for president. please w wcome to the show, martin o'malley! [ applause ] how are you? it is great to have you here. now, a lot of candidates -- i don't think candidates being late-night people, but you stand out frfr the rest, because you were a member ofof rock band. currently, or back in the day? >> well, now it's like a semi active rock band. but these guys are great. >> seth: aren't they great? they're wonderful. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. i've been -- seth, i've been playing music since i was 17. >> seth: that's a good age to start. >> and when i got into it, it was all irish music in the sort
12:13 am
and the maryland suburbs. we hit the supply and demand curve at the right time. there were seven full-time irish bars. >> seth: okay. >> three%full-time irish bands. >> seth: fantastic. [ laughter ] >> so we played the same 20 songs over and over again. every night. >> seth: that's fantastic. and i want to point them out. this is a picture of you in your band. and this is impressive. i mean, i don't even have to say what t tt is about. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my goodness. if president doesn't work out, can i recommend secretary of hunk-ery, because those are just fanttic. now, when your campaign started out, you presented yourself as a liberal alternative to hillary clinton. a little farther left ofer. since that, bernie sanders has sort of taken over that mantle. is i ifrustrating for you to see thatatappen? how do you approach moving forward? >> well, i mean, it would be
12:14 am
frustrating, except that i think that historyrys full of examples where the candidate is speaking in the summers, not the candidate that emerges once the fullness of the process takes place. and seth, you're from new hampshire. >> seth: i am, yeah. >> people from new hampshire, people from iowa, they take their respononbility very, very seriously. >> seth: thank you. [ laughter ] >> they do. it's a beautiful thing, because right now so many of us feel like big money has figured out the outctce before we even casas a vote. but in iowa, in new hampshire, people expect to see it two, three, four, five times before they make their decision. they will ask questions and they really carardeeply about our country and the ideas that each candidate has to offer. so i'm leading with ideas. the ideas that move us to 100% clean energy electric future. ideas that make college more affordable. d i am convinced thahawhat i have to offer is something no other candidate in this race has, which is 15 years of executive experience actually
12:15 am
marriage equality, comprehensive gun safety legislation, the dream act. these are the things that require the forging of the new consensus. that's what i've done, that's what i've learned how to do and that's what america needs now. [ eers and applause ] >> seth: absolutely. now, one of the things that i imagine is very -- certainly frustrating for a lot of the people on the republican side, might be a little bit frvstrating for you, is sort of a lack of dia attention. one of the ways you can get those, obviously, is debates. something you've been critical of the dnc for is the lack of debates on the democratic side. do you think that is something that is done to benefit hillary clinton? why do you think so few debates? >> yeah, i think it's a huge mistake for us. 24 million americans actually tuned into the first round of republican debates. and now you have the nworks doing g e drumbeat that the e xt debate is coming. >> seth: sure. >> "meet the candidates. hear their ideas." and meanwhile --
12:16 am
>> seth: butlso -- plus one is a full crazy person. [ laughter ] [ applause ] i wawa them to just speed up the names of the first ten. it's like [ speaking super fast ] "trump, trump, trump!" >> we can laugh about it all we like. but it is party malpractice. the democratic party not to be holding our own debate. and i think the stinct in the party, at least from the tight echelon -- the highest ranks of the party, was to circle the wagons around this year's inevitable front runner and hope that everything will be okay. but it's a really bad way to go about winning a general election. people expect us to be exchanging ideas. so i called for more debates, not fewer, given the challenges the country faces. people deserve to hear from us6 and so i've called for at least 12 debates. ririt now in your own stste of new hampshire, they say that new hampshire, we can only afford in the democratic party to have one debate in new hampshire before the democratic primary.
12:17 am
>> seth: how much do they need? i'll write a check. >> it's really ludicrous. should be having more debates -- because the good news for us as a party is we actually have ideas that will make wages go up, that will make college more affordable forore people. and we need to be talking about it. and the other thing that we need to do is to push back against the racist rhetoric that is coming from donald trump about new american immigrants. [ chchrs and applause ] it's dangerous, it's wrong, and it's bad for our country. >> seth: and now i want to get this right. donald trump referred to you as the little weak, pathetic baby. [ laughter ] and i'll tell you something. if that -- if this doesn't prove -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] the lack of honesty from his campaign, what more does he need?
12:18 am
only candidate with a number. there is a lot of talk abouthe syrian refugee crisis, the role the united states should play there. the obama a ministration has said 10,000 0 fugees. you gave a number of 65,000 refugees. and you were one of the only candidates on either side that gave a number like that. what made you come out and put something concrete on it? that was actually a aumber thth was requested of us by the -- by international organizations who assess these sort of humanitarian crises. and i beeve that a nation's character and a nation's credibility in the world is determined not just by how it acts in times of war but in times of peace, and particularly in the face of humanitarian crises like these. so we were asked if we could take 65,000. you know what that's the equivalent to, seth? that is equivalent to making room for six more people in a seball stadium that ready hos 320,000 fans. are a great nation.n. we are a generous nation.
12:19 am
and our enduring symbol is not barbed wire fences, not chain link fences, it is the statue of liberty. and don't think for a second that peoplplin countries in the middle east and muslim countries in particular aren't watching how we act in the face of this crisis. we have the abilily to alleviate this human suffering. that little boy's body coming up on the beach, we are not a people to sit back when that happens. so i have called for&65,000. we can do it, and i hope other democratic candidates join me in lling for that. >> seth: well, i'm glad you did that. [ cheers and applause ] and i hope there are more debates, because it would be great to hear more from you. best of luck out there. >> thanks a lot. >> seth: i know it's crazy. best of luck. [ cheers and applause ] martin o'malley, everyone! we'll be right back with more "late night."
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," evererody. our next guest is an award-winning cartoonist, author, and illustrator. his new graphic novel "hilo: the boy who crashed to earth" is in stores now. please welcome to the showy friend judd winick. [ applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> i am terrific. >> seth: that's great, you look great. it's wonderful to see you here. >> thank you. someone in the hall tolde that i look like a jewish dr. who. >> seth: oh, that's nice. what a aice thing to hear. >> i'll take it. in my parts, i like that. >> seth: this is a very exciting, thisook, "hilo." you have written comic books for years -- >> yeah. >> seth: -- but this is the
12:24 am
first one that's sort of written specifically targeted for children, even though adults would like it as well. >> yeah. >> seth: but i guess the most important thing is kids can read it. you have kids. >> i do. >> seth: is that one of the reasons you decided to write something like this? >> yeah. i wrote superhero comics for abououten years including batman. and my son w w was seven at the time -- >> seth: woo. >> batman. >> let's hear it for batman. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. so my son has the same enthusiasm. he was seven at the tiue. and he says, "dad, can i read some of your batman comics?" and i said, "no." because, you know, batman is -- he's kind of intense. he's got --. >> seth: he is going through some stuff. >> aer issues, ya know? and it's n/t all back rubs and stuff. >> yeah. >> seth: s swe found him some comics for kids, we found him this great series called "bones." a terrific caronist named jeff smith. and he loved it. and jeff's a friend of m me. and jeff sent me posters, and t-shirts, and swag and all this merch and my son became a "bones" super fan.
12:25 am
yeah, more so that i thought. >> seth: so real jealousy. it a shot and try to do a comic for kids. would have gone the other way. i'd just say, "alright, fine, [ laughter ] d now have they read@it? >> seth: and? are the reviews in? >> seth: alright, nice, that's exciting. >> no, they are. it's really cool. [ cheers and applause ] i highly recommend doing things because when they actually like it, it's better than dgs. >> seth: yeah. >> it really is. and they'r'r ya know, really well behavededfter that. >> seth: yeah. i like that i feel if i met your kids i would say like, "hey just so you know your dad loves positive feedback." he has to go out and face the world the more nice things you can say to him. do they give you feedback -- do they give you specific feedback on the books, do they give you ideas, suggestions? >> they're pitching a lot actually. >> seth: oh, yeah, okay. >> they come about 50%. >> seth: alright, that's not bad though. >> my son, i gotta explain him, like, yeah we can't put luke skywalklk in it. >> setet oh, right, like legeg issues. there's copyright issues. >> yeah, my daughter wants cats. >> seth: okay. >> she had won that argument. and in te second book, there' actually cat in it. >> seth: did you fight it at
12:26 am
>> i explained to her that i thought it was a good idea, we're take it back to the room and talk about it a little bit. but then she kept working on me a little bit like, "daddy, are you working on the cat book?" it's like, "it's not a cat book, yet." "but, yeah, we're working on it, yeah." >eth: alright, well, , m glad you got a cat in there for her. now, before anybody knew you sort of as a comic book author or cartoonist you were in what is considered the pinnnnle year, u were in season three of "theheeal world." >> yes. >> seth: i mean this is the real deal. people might not even have put this together. t here's a photo of you and yo wife, pam. you guys met on season three of "the real l rld." [ cheers and applause ] amazing. >> yep. that was twenty-one years ago. >> seth: twenty-one years ago and, you, i just want to point this out because you pointed it out this out, that your wife looks exactltlthe same. >> she does. >> seth: exactly the same. and what happened -- >> yeah. i know i look like i've been sleeping outside for, like, twenty years, yeah. >> seth: did she not let you in?
12:27 am
>> no, seriously, look it's like the before and after meth picture. >> seth: yeah. i will say this. you married the right woman. she's exactly as happy in both photos. [ laughter ] you would think the secoco photo shshwould be like, "yeah, it's all right." me passes for everyone. >> i just sit around, and be grateful, and try to work out. >> seth: how -- so season three of "the real world", a lot of people weren't even familiar with it. what was your audition process? >> oh, it tookix months, 30,000 people tried out. i, at the time, i had lost my job and moved back in with my pares back to long island. so, proud times. >> seth: y y. >> and i saw -- i was, like, there on the couch w wching "the real world two" and there was an ad, 'do you want to be on "real world three" san francisco?' and i checked myself for bed sores and said, 'yeah, i would like to do that.' so you s sd in a letter and a photo. you do a video. i actually did a video standing on the long island expressway saying i'm a cartoonist stuck on long island, get me out of here. and six months later i got on the show.
12:28 am
>> seth: and how "real w wld" famous were you as soon asast aired? like, how w ten were you recognized for that? >> all the time. >> seth: yeah. >> i mean there was a period of time for, like, a good@three, four months. this is '94 when the first season of "friends" came out and i woululsay for a period of time, we were as famous as the cast of "friends." >> seth: well, also, there were -- we talked about this before, there were not other reality shows. >> no, it was just us and "cops." >> seth: yeah. [ lbughter ] >> we remember "cops", right? it's been a while.e. >> seth: it's been a while. but that's fantastic. and of course you and i first met because you wrote on our cartoon, "the awesome." >> yes. >> seth: and it was fantastic to have you#on this process. you had to leave the writing staff to go work on "hilo" so i'm glad you worked on that. do you still watch the show? >> i do. and i just saw season three. and it's great, have you guys seen the beginning of season three? [ cheersnd applause ] "the awesomes" a a awesome. no, it's great. maybe a little too great. it's a little bit like watching an ex-girlfriend do really really well after you left. >> seth: right, yeah. >> you don't want her to be doing badly.
12:29 am
>> seth: but you don't want her doing great. you don't want to see her on "cops", but you wouldn't mind seeing her on "the real world." that's basically, yeah, i think that's the way to say it. >> yeah. >> seth: it's so great to have you he. congrats on the book. it's fantastic. >> thank y y. [ cheeee and applause ] >> seth: give ititp for judd winick, everybody! his new book, "hilo" is in stores now. and his book tour kicks off tomorrow ihuntington, new york. for more information, visit we'll be right back.k.
12:30 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to josh brolin, presidential candidate martin o'malley, judd winick everybody! check out "hilo," " r kids and adults. abe laboriel, jr. and of course the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow.
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